What’s the Best Heater for the Home? 5 Great Heating Options

Did you know that the average US winter energy cost for heating is between $ 500 and $ 1500 per household? The heating prices will only rise. But do you know how to choose the most efficient system for your home and cut costs?

There are a number of options that you can choose from. Read on as we discuss the best heater for warming your home.


An oven is one of the most popular home heating options. The furnace provides heat and is usually powered by gas or electricity. This heated air is then forced into your home through a series of ducts.

Gas stoves are popular because the ducts installed can also be used for air conditioning, which gives them a dual purpose. However, installing plumbing is a huge task if you don’t already have this type of heater. Ovens can also run on propane and oil.

Heat pump

A heat pump is one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly ways to heat your home. Instead of generating heat, it transfers it from external sources. This is done using a process that includes electricity and refrigerant.

Heat pumps can extract heat from the air, soil, and even water sources. However, they only work in temperate climates where freezing temperatures are rare.


A boiler is also known as a heating system. It creates hot water or steam that is fed through a heating system in the house. You can turn off radiators in certain areas and only cool the parts of the house that you need.

It costs more money to run than other systems and is more difficult to install. There are boilers of various types and sizes, which are mainly operated with gas and electricity.

Baseboard heating

A baseboard is one of the best portable heaters for home solutions. For this reason, they are often used to supplement existing heating systems when there is an increased need for a warm home. You can find them in electric or hydronic types.

They work very much like a cooler, pulling cool air down and releasing heated air from above. They are low-maintenance, can be used for heating in zones and are very quiet.

Hybrid heating

Hybrid heating is one of the most energy efficient home heating options if you don’t live in a temperate climate. It uses both a heat pump and a gas stove. The stove serves as a backup if the temperatures drop and your heat pump cannot be operated.

The nice thing about this system is that there are two units in operation. This means that the stress for both is reduced, which increases their longevity.

Best heating for a home

The best heating for a home depends on the property. Now you know the types available and speak to an expert. They can advise you on your options based on your home size, location, and needs.

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