This Move Is Saving Me $250 on a Home Repair

As a homeowner, I am painfully aware that having a home means more than paying the mortgage lender every month. In addition to my constantly rising property taxes and home insurance premiums, I’m also hooked for maintenance and repairs. In my case, paying a little more for the former saved me money for the latter. In fact, I am currently dealing with a problem with the heating system that is costing me $ 250 less because I have a service contract.

Why it is worth taking out a maintenance contract for heating and cooling

As homeowners, we rely on our heating and air conditioning to work when temperatures drop and rise. These systems require regular maintenance because they have many components that can deteriorate or fail over time.

I learned this the hard way when I had to replace all of my air conditioning at a cost of around $ 7,000. But that bill would have been a lot higher if I hadn’t had a service contract with the company that did the job.

Most heating and air conditioning systems offer homeowners the option of an annual maintenance contract that includes an annual inspection. This investigation is a maintenance we should be doing anyway.

The cost of a service contract prepaid at the start of each 12 month Covered Period is slightly higher than the cost of heating and cooling maintenance alone (in my case, we’re talking $ 80 more). The upside is that by signing this contract we get other money saving benefits.

For one thing, most of the time when your air conditioning or heating needs to be repaired, you will be charged a service fee just for someone to come out and assess the problem. We do not have to pay this fee because we have a maintenance contract.

In addition, these service contracts also include discounts for repair work to be carried out. My husband and I can save 15% on repairs. That came in handy when we needed to have our air conditioning replaced as it cut our costs by a good $ 1,000.

So back to my heating problem. When we found our heat wasn’t getting on as well as it should have been, we called the company we have our contract with to see. They found a problem that would cost hundreds of dollars to repair once the correct parts arrive. But since we have a maintenance contract, we weren’t charged a $ 150 service call fee, and we’re saving an additional $ 100 on the work itself.

All in all, the money I saved between my A / C replacement and my heater repair more than made up for the extra $ 80 I pay for a contract. And just as important is that I get priority when problems arise so that I don’t have to wait too long for someone to come out and help.

Protect yourself from additional costs

If you own a home, it is worth checking whether heating and cooling companies have a service contract in your area. It is very difficult to do without heating and air conditioning – especially heat, because switched off for too long can lead to burst pipes and other damage.

For me, my service contract is worth the money for the priority status alone. But the fact that it saved me a bundle of money makes me even happier that I have it.

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