The ‘Net Zero’ boiler ban will leave Britain’s poorest out in the cold

Homeowners could be forced to pay thousands to replace their gas boilers as ministers try to ban them within 14 years.

Politics will be at the center of Net Zero’s plans to be unveiled in the coming months as the UK seeks to become carbon neutral by 2050.


The ministers are trying to ban gas boilers within 14 years

Almost a third of the country’s carbon emissions come from home heating systems. However, replacement parts such as environmentally friendly heat pumps typically cost at least £ 10,000.

Households can face “financial sanctions” if they do not replace their old gas boilers with expensive, environmentally friendly alternatives.

Here Steve Baker, Tory MP for Wycombe and former Brexit minister, warns that by pursuing policies, Conservatives could face a crisis larger than the 1989 election tax that sparked riot.

Net Zero costs begin to decline as the incredible scale of transformation that ministers are planning becomes clear.

I couldn’t believe my eyes this week as I read about the government’s plan to punish people for gas boilers.

Gas is the cheapest way to heat a home, and its widespread use has improved the wellbeing of millions of people over the past few decades. As is so often the case, progress has made a luxury a necessity that many of us take for granted.

But now ministers plan to end the comfortable lifestyle we have enjoyed for generations.

Downing Street has taken back the idea of ​​fines, but it still seems that the government will impose other penalties to force people to change their heating.

The process will hit everyone, but let’s get under no illusions, the poorest will pay the highest price for these carbon neutral fantasies.

The most likely alternative to a gas boiler is an electric heat pump. They can easily set you back over £ 10,000 for the installation.

If you live in an older building, you may have to spend many thousands more installing sufficient insulation to keep a heat pump working.

You may even need to change the floor levels for everything to work.

Replacing your gas boiler with an electric heat pump could get you more than £ 10,000 back


Replacing your gas boiler with an electric heat pump could get you more than £ 10,000 back

And when you’ve spent all that money, your house may be colder than it was before.

Heating is just one aspect of the government’s plans to reduce our carbon emissions to net zero.

This radical program is expected to affect almost every aspect of life in the UK. Many of the changes will be very expensive.

So far the costs have been largely hidden or at least bearable, but that won’t be the case for long.

The excitement about heat pumps makes this clear – the cost of Net Zero is rising rapidly.

Take the power grid, for example. We have been investing subsidies in unreliable wind farms for almost 20 years.

Every UK household currently pays around £ 400 a year to renewable energy companies, either through surcharges on bills or through higher prices in stores.

Some large wind farms will soon receive half a billion pounds in subsidies each year.

As a result, electricity prices have nearly doubled over the past 20 years.

We can assume that these prices will more than double again in the coming decades and hit you and your family hard.


Additionally, the government wants us all to switch to electric cars, which typically cost £ 10,000 more than their gasoline equivalents but are much less convenient.

For those without off-street parking, personal transportation can be a thing of the past.

Experts from KPMG accountants predict that private car ownership could drop to less than half of its current level in the future.

Policy makers have not kept an eye on the cost of working families


Policy makers have not kept an eye on the cost of working families

Boris Johnson cannot force the public to buy expensive, ineffective heaters


Boris Johnson cannot force the public to buy expensive, ineffective heaters

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It will not be the rich who can do without the convenience and pleasure of their own transportation for their own families.

And all of these expenses don’t mean you can live your life comfortably.

Net Zero’s dirty secret is that there is no way to produce electricity if the wind isn’t blowing.

Ministers like to talk about grid-scale battery storage, but engineers know the idea is nonsense – batteries are well suited to power the grid for a few hours instead of days or weeks.

Meanwhile, hydrogen is extremely expensive for fuel cells and can prove too dangerous in practice.

Without the ability to store electricity, a drop of wind could be catastrophic.

Net Zero’s dirty secret is that there is no way to produce electricity if the wind isn’t blowing.

When we experience a three-week hiatus like we saw in April of this year, it means we spend cold winter evenings at home in a blanket, waiting for the wind to blow again.

The days of inexpensive and reliable power-on-demand are coming to an end.

The elite policymakers who run our lives agree that we should reduce our carbon emissions. But they weren’t aware of the cost to working families. You, the voter, had no choice.

We Conservatives spent years in the wild after losing touch with our voters.

If Boris Johnson forces the public to buy expensive, ineffective heaters, if he makes us abandon our cars, we will reap what we have sown.

The cost of Net Zero could lead to a political crisis higher than the Poll Tax.

Steve Baker is the Tory MP for Wycombe

PA: Press Association

Steve Baker is the Tory MP for Wycombe


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We are on our way to poverty, misery and the failure to inspire the world to decarbonise.

If ministers do not now seek public approval for Net Zero and fully and openly explain the proposed costs and changes, there will ultimately be a terrible revolt.

The kettle debacle points the way to a political fiasco.

Boris Johnson promises the UK will cut emissions by 68% from 2030 in order to hit net zero by 2050

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