Summer is Winding Down, but the Grills are Heating Up with Propane Delivery by Cynch!

The calendar doesn’t lie. The summer is drawing to a close, only a few weeks until the schools reopen. That said, now is the perfect time to plan some much-needed time with family and friends before summer ends. Whether it’s a lunch swim with a barbecue or an evening at the fire table, there has never been a better time to have fun with the convenience of propane. The problem, of course, is the hassle of replacing your used tank. Thanks to Cynch, you don’t have to worry about that.

Our friends at Cynch, Propane Home Delivery, will come to your home, pick up your used tank, and drop a fresh tank at your chosen location – be it your porch, driveway, or entrance step. That’s it. No physical exertion required. Cynch brings you a fresh propane tank to meet your summer entertainment and barbecuing needs. New Cynch customers can now have their First tank swap for just $ 10 when using our promo code BN10 at checkout *. The best thing about this offer? Your first replacement of cynch tanks will cost less than half what you would pay for a similar replacement at your local grocery or hardware store. To make things even better, there are just 5 simple steps to having your propane tanks right at your door.

Go to
Enter your zip code.
3. Order your tanks.
4. Select a delivery date.
5. Prepare your used tanks for replacement.

It’s that easy.

Nothing can upset the mood at your next meeting like the creepy realization that you’ve run out of propane. Half-cooked burgers? Lukewarm hot dogs? The warmth of an evening fire table disappears instantly? Don’t let it happen to you. Thanks to Cynch, there is no excuse. Check your propane tank and get a fresh propane tank delivered to your home with the quick and easy service. The delivery of Cynch Propane takes the most of the stress of a propane swap out of your life by bringing that fresh propane tank right to your doorstep. Reliable and on schedule, Cynch delivers propane tanks when you need them. Sit back, relax and use the “me-time” that you gain by not having to bring an empty propane tank to a store. Cynch brings you a fresh propane tank while you stay cool with the AC blasting.

What if you want to add an extra propane tank to your rotation, or don’t have one initially? Great news! Cynch delivers a fresh, no-exchange tank for just $ 59.99.

Whether you’re a grill master looking to hand out a rib rack or just want to sit outside under the stars around a fire table with those who matter most, propane can be used. The cooler evening weather at the end of summer offers many opportunities to spend time with family and friends on the terrace around the fire table. The best part of grilling on propane gas or sitting around a clean propane fire table means you won’t have to spend time chopping wood, stacking charcoal, or cleaning up ashes long after your guests have left. Cynch can supply propane to fuel your BBQ, fire pit, patio lights, and more!

Our friends at Cynch are masters at using propane in a variety of ways. Their incredibly convenient, affordable propane delivery service sets them apart from the rest of the industry.

Cynch wants to make your propane delivery hassle-free. Enjoy the convenience of having your tank delivered while someone else does the heavy lifting for you. Go to to get started. Now all you have to do is answer the question: what are we barbecuing? Try them out today with our promo code BN10. *

*possibly. plus sales tax. Valid until 09/30/21. Offer is only valid in Cynch service areas. Certain restrictions apply. Click here for details.

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