Students marvel at varied uses of solar power at Janak McGilligan’s centre

Indore: A group of technology and management students visited the Jimmy McGilligan Center of Sustainable Development on Thursday and wondered about the possibilities of using solar energy to build a sustainable society and city.

Padma Shri Janak McGilligan Palta spoke about solar technologies and their applications. She guided the group through the center to experience firsthand the use and management of natural resources, sustainable agriculture, solar food processing, water conservation, use of renewable energies and a sustainable lifestyle without waste in absolute harmony with flora and fauna. Fauna.

The students learned about 300 trees / herbs. In addition, they learned about 65 different organic foods. Students were surprised to see how 12 different types of solar cookers work. They also discussed the future uses of specially designed solar kitchens and hybrid solar wind powered 19 street lights for 50 tribal families (free) in their neighborhood over the past 11 years or so.

Janak showed and explained the functionality of many solar-powered devices that are used every day, including a solar charger, lantern, candle, lamps and a briquetting unit. In the interactive session with the students, the students learned about other ways of using solar energy for a sustainable life.

Some common and simple uses of Solar Power

(a) Solar water heating

(b) Solar heating of buildings

(c) solar distillation

(d) solar pumps

(e) Solar drying of agricultural and animal products

(f) solar ovens

(g) solar cooking

(h) solar power generation

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Posted on Friday November 19, 2021 01:03 AM IST

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