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In the twelve months since the solar systems were installed, Wagga Wagga City Council saved over $ 46,000. Given the success, the council informs pv magazine Australia that it is now planning an additional 500 kW system.

May 25, 2021

Last year, the City Council of Wagga Wagga, a town in the Riverina region of New South Wales, installed solar systems with a total output of 130 kW in its Civic Center and Livestock Marketing Center. Together, the systems generated 182 MWh of electricity for the council, saving over $ 46,000.

The installations have proven so successful that a spokesman for the council is planning a much larger solar system with 500 kW to pv magazine Australia, which is expected to go into operation next year.

The third system is located in the city’s Oasis Regional Aquatic Center. Originally, the council had hoped to install solar on the roof of its citizen theaterHowever, during the design phase, a condition assessment identified issues that made it unsuitable for a solar system.

Funding for this system was then reallocated to the $ 1.3 million budget for the Oasis Energy Savings Project, which includes a 500 kW solar roof.

“The project will improve our services, for example the hydrotherapy pool will be heated more evenly and the water temperature will be hotter. We will also have better air treatment, improve the internal air quality and atmosphere with reduced humidity and keep the air warmer in winter and cooler in summer ”, said the project coordinator of the council, Thomas Lemerle.

“This will be the first step in moving the oasis towards clean energy and meeting the council’s net-zero emissions targets.”

Wagga Wagga is fair one of several councilors interested in solar Save money and decarbonize at the same time. In fact, just last week the The Victorian Energy Collaboration announced 46 of Victoria’s 79 councils that run on renewable energy.

A plan of the solar system on the roof of the Civic Center.

City of Wagga Wagga

Solar system details

The 99 kW solar array in the Civic Center building was laid horizontally to maximize the number of panels the roof could fit on. Lemerle said the council was “very pleased” with its performance.

The solar system installed there and in the Livestock Marketing Center was co-financed by the Ministry for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency as part of its Community Energy Efficiency Program (CEEP).

“We are on the right track that the Civic Center system will pay for itself in 2.6 years and the Livestock Marketing Center system in 3.3 years,” added Lemerle.

Both systems were installed by Solar Professionals, the trade name for KGM Services.

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