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Two other smaller solar projects were proposed for the Chautauqua district – this time in the cities of Sheridan and Chautauqua.

On Tuesday, members of the Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency heard about two solar companies on two different projects.


James Bedrin is Project Development Manager for Dimension Renewable Energy. His company is based in Atlanta with offices in New York City. He said they had several solar projects underway in New York.

In Sheridan, his company plans to build two solar projects on a 100 hectare property that is to be subdivided. The property is on Werley and Harrington Streets.

According to Bedrin, both solar projects have an output of around 4.125 megawatts and can supply more than 2,000 households with electricity.

You worked with the Sheridan Zoning and Planning Boards that approved the project. A public hearing with the city administration will take place this evening, May 26th, at 7 p.m. in the parish hall behind the town hall.

The county IDA board of directors issued preliminary approval for the projects. After the necessary resolutions have been passed, IDA will hold its own public hearing and carry out a cost-benefit analysis for selected tax exemptions.

Rich Dixon, IDA’s chief financial officer for the county, expressed his support for the further project. “These are just a few of the renewable energy projects coming into our county. They benefit the landowner, they benefit our reliability in delivering green energy, and we are excited about these projects. “ he said.


Omni Navitas Solar Energy Development proposes a solar project on Hartfield-Stockton Road in Dewittville. The development would enable a 5 megawatt project and be placed on 30 acres. The company seeks financial support through sales, mortgage and property taxes.

Dixon said the company and IDA are working closely with the city of Chautauqua on the project. “This is another exciting project for Chautauqua County” he said.

Omni Navitas is located in Boston, Mass.

The county IDA board of directors re-issued preliminary approval for the project to allow the studies to continue. The vote was unanimous.

Chautauqua City Council scheduled a public hearing on June 14th during the city council’s regular monthly meeting. Company employees said the zoning board had given its approval.

With full approval, Omni Navitas plans to start construction in September. The solar project would take about six months.


There have been a number of proposed and approved solar projects that have been submitted to the county’s IDA. Last month, IDA issued preliminary approval for two projects in the city of Dunkirk and final approval for two projects in Ashville.

In November, County IDA approved a solar project in the city of Hanover, and in June, IDA approved a solar project in the city of Portland.

All solar projects approved by the IDA must also be approved by the local council’s board of directors. The IDA only approves the financial tax incentives.

In Pomfret, RIC Energy plans to clear part of what is now the wooded area on Van Buren Road, just behind the intersection of Chestnut Street, and erect solar panels there. The company is proposing landscaping and maintaining part of the 24.47 acre property adjacent to a residential area on Bernett Drive in Fredonia so that neighbors cannot see the project. This development has seen some setbacks from neighbors and city officials. A public hearing is scheduled for June. This project was not submitted to the district’s IDA for review.

In Ellicott, the city’s zoning and planning authority expressed its displeasure last week that paperwork for a proposed solar project in 3365 N. Main St. Ext. And near the Chautauqua County-Jamestown Airport was not properly completed. Storke Renewables is proposing two solar projects with around 2 megawatts each. This project has not been submitted to the district’s IDA. The zone and planning boards are expected to resume the project next month.

All of these solar projects have an output of 5 megawatts and below. A 270 megawatt project near the Pennsylvania border has been proposed at Ripley. Both the County IDA and Chautauqua County Legislation have heard from many residents who have expressed their support and opposition to the project. The district’s IDA issued preliminary approval last summer. However, the developers have not yet returned to IDA for final approval. Late last year, district officials said they had not expected a final vote from the district IDA for several months and committed to investigating the project.

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