Solar Power Company In California Offering Customers a Variety of Money-Saving Options

California-based Solar Sun Surfer is always looking for creative ways to get the most out of the sun’s natural rays to help customers save money. This has resulted in this popular California solar company offering its customers a variety of different money-saving sunlight harvesting devices. All of these can be used to reduce energy bills and make any home or business more environmentally friendly.

A company representative said: “Scientists and researchers have worked hard for several decades to find innovative ways to use renewable solar energy. This has led to the creation of solar panels that have significantly increased efficiency while reducing the price. This is why there is no better time for our customers than now to take advantage of everything that solar energy has to offer. This is a win-win situation for both our customers installing our solar collection devices and the environment. “

The company rep further said their most useful solar devices are the roof-mounted sunlight collector panels that they supply and install. These use so-called photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into usable electrical energy. He explained that these can be designed to complement more traditional grid electricity, or that solar batteries can be added to significantly reduce reliance on grid-powered energy. Net metering has even made it possible to sell excess solar power back into the power grid. The company spokesman pointed out that once installed, solar power generation systems are virtually cost-free and require very little maintenance.

Another popular use of solar energy that the company is using to help customers save money is for solar pool heating. The company representative stated that this is a great way to extend the pool season by keeping the water comfortable for swimming. It is better to heat the water with a gas heater or an electric heat pump as they are so expensive to run. He says solar heating offers significant savings on pool heating energy bills as it uses abundant and free sunlight to get the job done. This is done by a homeowner installing a series of solar panels on their roof or on a specially designed floor-mounted platform. The company representative stated that these solar panels will be connected to the circulation system of a swimming pool after filtration. He mentioned that further energy savings can be achieved by lowering the pool’s circulation pump using energy sourced from a separate solar panel setup. All of this translates into significant savings over other types of swimming pool heating systems and helps a homeowner reduce their carbon footprint.

A technology similar to that used in solar heating of swimming pools can also be used to heat household water. Once again, solar water heating systems offer even more money-saving benefits to homeowners who use them.

Both business and private solar energy customers have been very satisfied with the service Solar Sun Surfer offers them. Logan Hayes wrote in his 5-star review: “We thank Solar Sun Surfer for the transactions and business we have done with them. You planned everything for our commercial solar system and did everything on time. They were honest with their services and didn’t charge more than the original offer they gave me. “In Bernard Norman’s ardent report, he stated,” Solar Sun Power offers the best prices for solar panel installation and other electrical services in California. They did a great job with our solar system and I recommend them to people looking for such services. “

Home and business owners who would like more information about the equipment offered by this California solar company can contact them by phone, email, or by filling out the message form on their website’s contact page. They also have a large area of ​​service that includes Contra Costa County, San Joaquin County, Napa County, Marin County, Santa Clara County, San Mateo County, and many more.


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