Solar Greenhouse from Mitrex

Mitrex Solar greenhouse products offer the perfect solution for the high energy requirements of conventional greenhouses. With customizable hues, transparency and colors, Mitrex offers its customers the option of generating energy from the existing infrastructure without affecting the overall effectiveness of the greenhouse operation.


With the energy required for heating in winter, cooling in summer and ventilation all year round, the cost of keeping large greenhouses running effectively becomes a criminal offense. Instead of burning capital on energy bills, invest it in Mitrex Solar greenhouse products. Solar Glass guarantees a consistent and inexpensive source of renewable energy generation.


Mitrex Solar Greenhouse products offer their customers the option of adapting the solar cell type, module size, transparency, hue and color. These products are manufactured at Mitrex’s A fully automated manufacturing facility in North America that quickly and efficiently produces safe, durable solar glass for greenhouse applications.


In addition to its ability to generate energy and meet aesthetic needs, Mitrex Solar greenhouses offer easy installation methods as the methods are the same as traditional installation processes. At the Mitrex, They also guarantee that their solar technology will be installed safely and reliably.

Features and benefits:

  • Produce revenue
  • Conventional installation
  • Seamless solar energy
  • Customizable glass materials
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Bird friendly
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Safe and strong
  • High-tech glass

Recycling processes for solar modules

Mitrex uses two types of solar technology: silicon and thin film photovoltaics. These types can both be recycled through various industrial processes. Currently, silicon-based panels are more common, so the effects of recycling these panels are dramatic, although the value of recycling thin-film cells is also important as their use becomes more common.

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