Solar Energy Loan Fund Looks To Advance Home Improvement Loans

A US Senate committee is working on a proposal for a national “climate bank” to allocate millions to infrastructure projects and focus on energy efficiency.

Duanne Andrade is CEO of the not-for-profit Solar Energy Loan Fund in Florida. She testified to this subcommittee on how green finance works.

She said her organization is providing funding for low and middle income homeowners to first improve the security of their home before making clean energy upgrades.

“A house or building that doesn’t have a stable roof and no impact-resistant windows or even hurricane shutters, there’s no point talking about installing a solar panel on it, right? There are basic things that need to be done. ”

Andrade said the Solar Energy Loan Fund works with homeowners based on their repayment ability, not just their creditworthiness or income.

The full Andrade interview is available on First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross on Tuesday at 8 p.m. on WJCT News 89.9.

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