SECO/WARWICK to Supply Vacuum Furnace to Chinese Aviation Firm

One of the leading Chinese aviation companies has announced a cooperation with SECO / WARWICK and has ordered a Vector vacuum furnace for carburizing and gas quenching. The furnace is used for the manufacture of hydraulic pump components and other machinery. The vacuum furnace ordered by the aviation company is mainly used for gas quenching of hard-deformation-sensitive parts made of steel types such as tool steel, stainless steel, structural steel, roller bearing steel or high-speed steel. The device developed by SECO / WARWICK is said to have the LPC option, which is used for vacuum carburizing.

FineCarb and PreNitLPC are modern and economical processes for low-pressure carburizing. By metering a nitrogen medium during the controlled heating phase, the carburizing process can be carried out at higher temperatures (1000 ° C and more), while the small-grain structure of the processed layer is ensured. This technology enables process cost savings by shortening the carburizing cycle and reducing the consumption of process gases.

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