Rosie on the house: Guidelines for selecting an HVAC contractor | Home & Garden

4. Ask your contractor to review the manual J heat load calculation they performed to determine the amount of heating and cooling required to keep you warm during the heating months and cool and dry during the cooling months. The Manual J protocol will help the contractor determine the appropriate size AC unit required for your home.

5. Most Arizona homes only have one return air grill per unit. This is where you replace your filter. Only one can restrict airflow. Make sure the contractor verifies that you have enough return air for the size of your new system.

6. Check how long the contractor has been in business. Pick someone who has been in the local business for at least five years, has a proven record of commitment to the job, and can count on returning if problems arise.

7. Will the contractor provide a written cost estimate with a description of the project and the expected completion dates?

8. Which brands does the contractor carry? Few HVAC companies can afford to stock a wide range of brands and equipment. Once you have decided on a specific manufacturer model, this may limit your choice of contractor.

9. Select a contractor who is experienced with the system you have selected.

10. Research tax credits or discounts. Many manufacturers offer discounts for certain models. Some projects also qualify for state or federal tax credits. Does your model or project qualify for any of these? If so, insist that your project is properly documented to meet these requirements. Who is responsible for submitting the documentation for the discounts – you or the contractor?

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