Retrofitting with heat pumps would cost €2.4billion in Tipperary homes

Improving the energy efficiency of Tipperary homes by retrofitting and installing heat pump systems could cost more than 2.4 billion euros.

This emerges from a new report published by Liquid Gas Ireland (LGI) on “The Role of LPG and BioLPG in a” Just Transition “for Co. Tipperary”.

The report explains how 2.2 billion or BioLPG instead of retrofitting to the installation of heat pumps.

The savings are based on an average cost of € 56,000 for a full retrofit including heat pump installation and an industry estimate of € 5,000 for switching to a gas boiler with standard system upgrades.

The report, which was produced using CSO census data, names Tipperary Town Rural, Kilcommon, Cashel Rural, Cashel Urban, and Roscrea as the five constituencies in Co. Tipperary most dependent on high carbon fossil fuels for heating and energy.

Of the 5,994 homes in these areas, 83% (4,942) use oil, coal and turf, while only 5% (342) have switched to heat pump technology.

With no connection to the national gas network and a proposed ban on gas boilers, households in these five rural areas alone will have an estimated total cost of € 276,752,000 to transition to heat pump technology if this is the only low-carbon heating solution available.

What role LPG and BioLPG can play in decarbonising Tipperary
Brian Derham of LGI said, “A ‘mixed technology’ approach to decarbonization, which includes lower carbon fuels like LPG and BioLPG, could save around 1.9 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year if 500,000 rural households currently use oil central heating , would be converted to BioLPG by 2040.

“We call on the government to reverse its proposed ban on gas boilers so as not to restrict a seamless transition from low carbon LPG to renewable BioLPG across the board. LPG boilers offer a long-term, low-cost path to decarbonization through the phased introduction of BioLPG, which means that CO2 emissions are progressively reduced over time.
Renewable Energy Ireland’s 40by30 Renewable Heat Plan sets a roadmap whereby 40% of Ireland’s heat can come from renewable energy by 2030.

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