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If the recent cold spell has made you worry about your next heating bill, it may be time to consider upgrading.

The good news is that as a Fortis BC customer, you are making the transition to a high efficiency oven easier!

“Most stoves built before 1995 are only about 65 percent efficient,” explains Allan Lake, owner of Good Guys Heating, Cooling and Plumbing in Surrey. “This means that only 65 percent of the heat generated gets into the house – the rest goes through the chimney.”

Due to changes in regulations, most stoves installed between 1995 and 2010 are around 80 percent efficient. In 2010 the minimum standard was raised to 90 percent efficiency, and most of the new stoves installed by Good Guys Heating are 93 to 98 percent efficient.

“That means you can save up to 40 percent on your home’s heating bills by upgrading to a new stove, and since space heating is about 60 percent of the average house’s energy bill, those savings can be significant,” says Lake.

With the Fortis BC Furnace Discount, get up to $ 1,150 back when you install a new high efficiency furnace.

This is how it works:

  • The discount is $ 800 for an oven that is 95 to 96.9 percent efficient, or $ 1,000 for an oven that is 97 to 99 percent efficient. Plus, you get an additional $ 150 if you install an attached thermostat with your oven. An attached thermostat provides more effective use of some of the more advanced features of new high efficiency ovens.
  • Qualified ovens also have electronically commutated motors (also known as variable speed or constant torque motors) that use less power than those in older ovens and simpler new models and can provide a smoother and more uniform airflow.
  • Your current stove must be more than 10 years old.

All terms and conditions can be found in the PDF file for the CleanBC discount program.

Two Upgrade Bonuses: Get $ 300 more with a second energy upgrade

If you do another qualified upgrade in addition to your new oven, you can earn an additional $ 300.

A common choice is an Energy Star water heater which, when installed with a new stove, can offer a $ 300 bonus for two upgrades – on top of the $ 200 discount on water heaters and your stove discount. Other options include a water heater, heat pump, insulation, new doors and / or windows, or a fireplace. A connected thermostat does not count towards this bonus as a second upgrade.

Higher discounts for low-income households

Low-income households may be eligible for major discounts: $ 2,000 for a 95 to 96.9 percent efficiency oven or $ 3,000 for a 97 to 99 percent efficiency oven. The discount for connected thermostats is still $ 150.

For more information on FortisBC’s income-qualifying furnace and boiler discount, click here.

Learn more about your new oven options at

To arrange a free home consultation and quote on a new oven, call 604-GOOD GUY (604-466-3489) or use the convenient online booking form.

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