Propane heating costs becoming burden as cold winter drags on

With all of the freezing cold weather over the past few weeks, the cost of home heating has skyrocketed, but for those who use propane the burden is becoming overwhelming.

Allan and Marie Russell heat their home in the Thames Center and run several devices on propane.

If you compare the bills from last winter to this winter, it is clear that the cost of refilling their tanks has skyrocketed

“It’s just so frustrating,” says Allan. “Our costs have grown from an average of $ 200 a month when they fill our tank to over $ 500.”

Of course, the extremely cold weather made the situation even more costly.

“Three weeks later, we had to refill our tanks for a little over $ 500, so we were billed a little over $ 1,000 for propane over a three-week period,” says Allan.

The Russell family moved into their country house six years ago and invested a lot of time and money to make it their dream home, but this winter the dream has turned into a nightmare.

“It’s just phenomenal,” adds Allan. “It will be very difficult to actually pay for it, it really is.”

The Jeff Yurek Area MPP has taken note of the situation and has sent a letter to the Ontario Prime Minister about the rising cost of propane, which is affecting many homeowners and farmers in his riding.

“The rise is so high that people fear that they will not be able to heat their homes or keep their businesses running.

Propane prices for filling the Russells’ tank have risen from around 55 cents per liter to almost $ 1.20 per liter.

The jump in prices is attributed to a shortage of fuel.

Yurek explains, “The fact that we had a wet corn season to dry the corn, followed by one of the harshest winters we have ever seen, and that the farmers and residents in our area were not properly cared for.”

Allan and Marie are now looking into the cost of converting their house to natural gas and have spoken to two natural gas companies

“What we’re overcharging with propane would likely pay for the gas line that goes into our house,” says Allan.

Until then, they will turn the thermostat down further and hope for warmer weather soon.

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