Pine River group joins solar tour

Rural Pine River Balm Moon Preserve is partnering with the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society (MRES) and American Solar Energy Society (ASES) to support the world’s largest grassroots solar event by participating in the 26th annual National Solar Tour. The National Solar Tour, October 2nd and 3rd, offers both on-site and virtual tours. Attendees can watch online videos of Solartours from around the country, and some websites also offer personal tours.

This is the fifth year Balsam Moon Preserve is on the tour, hosting both a virtual tour and an on-site tour on Saturday October 2nd from 10am to 4pm. The site offers: Energy efficient upgrades; commercial solar thermal furnace since 2009; self-made passive solar oven on garage since 2020; Floor installation of solar power system since 2011; Energy efficient upgrades for your home; alternative construction techniques; Integrated systems; Net zero; Passive electric vehicle; Deep Winter Solar Greenhouse since 2019. The virtual tour of this site is available on the MRES website:

New technologies like an electric car and solar energy sources will be on display during the annual National Solar Tour starting October 2nd. Post / Balm Moon

The MRES Sustainability Tour, hosted by the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society, showcases homes and businesses with solar systems, energy storage solutions, water-saving landscapes, and more.

ASES ‘self-guided National Solar Tours have attracted more than 150,000 people in 49 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. National Solar Tours offer attendees a direct perspective from homeowners and installers on the costs, processes, and economic and environmental benefits of solar energy. The National Solar Tour also gives you a glimpse of what different solar systems look like in and around buildings with different architectural styles. You can access tours across the country through the ASES website:

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Balsam Moon Preserve is a new non-profit organization with an emerging vision of peace, sustainability and renewal in partnership with earth, spirit and people. The reservation’s residents, Doug Weiss and Barb Mann, are working on the organization’s vision to share an alternative, sustainable, spiritual place of peace that honors earth and all living beings. They offer activities and workshops for collaborative learning, hiking trails, a maze in the forest, skill building, hospitality, simple accommodations for overnight stays / retreats, and more as they evolve and grow. You can find more information on the Facebook page: Balsam Moon

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