PHNIX Launched A New Inverter All-in-one Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater Using Propane (R290) Refrigerant

Commonly known as the environmentally friendly refrigerant with a much lower carbon footprint, R290 refrigerant has a GWP of 3 while R32 = 677 and R410A = 2088, which would greatly contribute to a greener planet and accelerate the adoption of heat pumps in residential buildings Buildings, which reduces the consumption of polluted energy for heating. In addition, with the R290 refrigerant, the COP can be further improved to 3.0, resulting in further savings for users.

“By promoting the water heater with R290 heat pump in household applications, it is helpful in protecting against the reduced availability of HFC refrigerants. In addition, this new device with the natural refrigerant R290 uses less volume per kW, making it more efficient and better results than its counterparts can achieve. ” Said Edward Zheng, Sales Manager, responsible for the department for water heaters with heat pumps.

More about PHNIX airExpert Inverter R290 All-in-One air heat pump water heater

High COP

During hot water preparation, the device can automatically calculate and analyze its current operating conditions and adjust the power consumption in order to achieve an optimal COP of up to 3.0.

Color touchscreen

The device is equipped with a color touchscreen controller. The clear user interface allows the user not only to freely set the water temperature and the operating mode, but also to check the operating status of the device in good time.

Micro-channel heating coil

The high-density micro-channel heating coils with multi-flow allow a larger area for the refrigerant and the surface of the enamelled water tank during heat exchange, which greatly improves the heat transfer efficiency.


As a leading heat pump manufacturer in China, PHNIX is an international company that specializes in research and development as well as the manufacture of heat pumps and energy-saving solutions. Over 50% of the PHNIX products are exported to Europe, North America, and other overseas markets. Further information on PHNIX and its products can be found at


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