Paragould, Evergy Commemorate Solar Project Now Online

KANSAS CITY, Mon .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – On Monday, November 8th, representatives from Evergy, Paragould, Ark., Light Water & Cable, the city’s economic development company, and representatives from the Paragould Chamber of Commerce met for a grand opening ceremony for the city’s solar power plant.

The 1.92 megawatt (MW) system went into commercial operation in November 2021. The system was built from bifacial solar modules in combination with single-axis Schletter trackers – the first Schletter trackers to be installed in the USA. The installation of bifacial modules with single-axis trackers optimizes the efficiency of the solar system over its service life. The 4,692 panel array will generate around 3.4 million kWh annually, which corresponds to a one-year energy supply for over 200 households.

Evergy has been providing energy management services to Paragould Light Water & Cable (PLWC) for more than a decade and has won a tender to build the solar system for PLWC and supply Paragould customers with clean energy.

“Our goal at Evergy was to ensure that the energy generated by the new solar system is the most cost-effective peak power source in PLWC’s energy portfolio. We are excited to partner with PLWC to provide clean energy solutions to Paragould customers, ”said Lloyd Jackson Managing Director, Evergy Energy Partners.

With a population of more than 26,000, the city of Paragould is committed to providing clean, affordable energy solutions to meet the needs of its residents and promote industry in the area. In 2020 Paragould launched its mission to become a more sustainable city by adding a renewable source to its energy portfolio. Evergy was selected through a public tender (RFP) to offer innovative solar energy solutions to the Paragould community.

“We pride ourselves on bringing solar generated power to the citizens of Paragould with Evergy, a trusted partner for 18 years,” said Darrell Phillips, CEO of Paragould Light Water & Cable. “PLWC is progressing with our recent 1-GIG internet launch, and now we’re generating solar energy in an exciting new way. We are building an excellent infrastructure in our city and offering our friends and neighbors reliable products. ”

With cost savings a key goal for PLWC, Evergy was able to offer a product that offsets Paragould’s energy bills by providing affordable electricity to complement PLWC’s entire energy portfolio. Evergy has structured the contract as a construction / transfer contract for the Paragould Municipal Power Company and the City of Paragould will offset their energy bills with clean and affordable energy, a win-win for everyone involved.

About Evergy, Inc.

Evergy, Inc. (NYSE: EVRG), headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, serves approximately 1.6 million customers in Kansas and Missouri. We generate almost half of the electricity we provide to households and companies from emission-free sources. We support our local communities where we live and work and strive to meet customer needs through energy savings and innovative solutions.

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