Norwich City Council plans for heat pump in River Wensum

Hydropower could be used this winter to keep homes warm in cities – provided city councils give the go-ahead.

A state-of-the-art £ 1.8 million heat pump is to be installed at Wensum to provide heating and hot water to 85 households in Barnards Yard near Duke Street.

The proposals will be debated in the Cabinet of Norwich City Council on Wednesday 8 September.

Barnards Yard, Norwich.  Image: Dan Grimmer

Barnards Yard in Norwich.
– Credit: Dan Grimmer

If approved, the current system that uses natural gas and emits CO2 will be removed.

Work on the installation would start late this month and finish in April.

The plans have already been approved by the Federal Environment Agency.

Gail Harris, Labor candidate for Catton Grove in the 2016 Norwich City Council elections. Pic: Submiite

Gail Harris, Norwich City Council member.
– Credit: Submitted

Councilor Gail Harris, Norwich City Council Cabinet Member Responsible for Social Housing, said: “These exciting proposals show our continued commitment to investing in the city’s social housing and making critical improvements to its environmental impact.

“This is a fantastic example of innovation, finding available funds and working with the environmental agency to develop a system that benefits the residents of our properties while reducing carbon emissions.

“It really shows how the city council is moving forward in great green social housing and continuing the legacy of developments like our award-winning Goldsmith Street properties.”

The pump itself is powered by renewable electricity and no river water is mixed with water intended for households.

Jamie Osborn, Green City and District Administrator.

Green Councilor Jamie Osborn.
– Photo credit: Jamie Osborn

Green City Councilor Jamie Osborn, who represents the Mancroft borough where Barnards Yard is based, said, “It’s great to see the city council investing in renewable energy to reduce fuel costs for residents and reduce carbon emissions reduce.

“It is extremely important that the council work with residents to minimize disruption to their lives and ensure that the benefits of this program are passed on.

“There is much more work to be done to rehabilitate the public housing stock and a strategy is needed to accelerate energy efficiency and renewables across the city. Of course, more government funding is needed to make this a priority, but the Council can also lead the way in setting a standard for decarbonising housing. “

Barnards Yard residents will be contacted with information about the plans.

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