New Packaged Furnace System by Allied Air Enterprises Made to Meet California Standards

Allied Air Enterprises, a Lennox International company, is launching a new packaged oven system specifically tailored to meet the needs of the California market. The Ultra Low NOx PRPGN14 packaged gas heating and electric cooling product delivers even lower NOx emissions than standard low NOx models at 14 ng / yr, in compliance with government regulations.

The PRPGN14 operates at 14 SEER, 11 EER and 81% AFUE. The new base rail design and pre-bent duct connections allow for easier handling in downflow applications, and the improved water management system is designed to ensure that rainwater is drained through the base. A constant torque fan motor provides a steady flow of air and can increase system efficiency under the right conditions.

“Our new PRPGN14 packaging units are not only ultra-low NOx-compliant, they are now also supplied convertible for downflow and horizontal applications and have a new base rail to simplify installation,” says Trent Davis, Marketing Director at Allied Air Enterprises. “They also have a new burner section that uses a unique premix fuel process for cleaner combustion and lower emissions than previous models. It’s an exciting technology and we’re excited to be making these new weatherproof stoves available to our sales and dealer partners and adding them to our existing line of Ultra Low NOx stoves currently available in California. “

The oven will be available from October 1 in California under the Armstrong Air, AirEase, Ducane, Concord and Allied brands.

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