Maybe the rush of electricity will not bring down the Government … but there is no gas in winter, yes

Climbing the Light price There is no ceasefire and it has already exceeded 200 euros per MWh (and when we raised it in OKDIARIO they told us we were crazy). Right now it’s the biggest problem that the government on the table, because it is already pulling into the inflation, with dire consequences for them public spending. But it doesn’t seem enough to make you fall Sanchez, in the face of the surprising apathy of the citizens and the opposition in the face of this catastrophe. Now there is another very real threat on the horizon that can bring the president into the shackles: cuts in supplies gas.

The matter is very serious. The main cause of the electricity rampage is known to be the skyrocketing gas price, which is used in power plants. combined cycle which determine the price in the daily auctions. But if electricity is expensive, it will of course also be expensive for houses with natural gas heating and hot water, which run into the millions, because all new buildings in the real estate bubble were built with natural gas pipelines.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, this week.

Sánchez is a lot, but not stupid. For this reason, he put the bandage on before the injury and set a cap on the increase in income for this winter. Although, like everything this government does, it has a trap: it is a mere postponement that has to be paid for in March next year; that receipt will be a laugh.

Not only is it expensive, there may also be no gas

But the problem isn’t just that gas is expensive. Is that there may not be enough gas directly. And it catches us with very little reserves. In Spain, the so-called strategic reserves last only 20 days (the government usually demands to increase them in a few days given the winter) and if there are supply cuts we can “eat up” them in the coming months.

Can we really go to these extremes? The answer is yes. The rise in the price of gas leads to a reduction in supply, since Russia to Europe – officially due to problems with the gas pipelines, but also due to political pressure from Putin to build the famous Nord Stream 2, with which Russian gas does not have to flow through Ukraine – and also to buy massive amounts of gas through it China.

Iberdrola LNG tanker

Iberdrola LNG tanker

Most of the gas consumed worldwide does not come through gas pipelines, but from ships Methanroswho work with a system similar to an illegal auction (not all, some are company owned): they load, go into international waters, and go to the country that pays them the most, even if they originally planned other to go. And usually China is the highest bidder. It is unfortunate that the world economy depends on these pirates, but it is.

When prices go up, like now, LNG tankers go all over the world. But the crossings are long, all countries want to buy gas at the same time and the ships may not arrive in time when Spain needs them.

Sánchez asks Algeria … and therefore no more filomena

So it is vital for our country to keep the gas pipeline open Algeria pass Morocco (there is another one, that of Medgaz, But it’s not enough). Because what we missed with the fall is the break in relations between our two southern neighbors, in which Spain had a lot to do with the shameful affair of the leader of the Polisario Front, Brahim Ghali.

Brahim GhaliBrahim Ghali Brahim Ghali, leader of the Polisario Front. Photo: AFP

This situation explains the Foreign Minister’s trip to Algeria this week, José Manuel Albaren, and the presidents of Naturgy and Enagas, Francisco Reynés and Antonio Llardento ensure the supply. A journey that has not borne fruit; According to the French newspaper Les Echos, the Maghreb country is sticking to its decision to close the Moroccan gas pipeline on October 31. Another example of the power of current Spanish diplomacy.

In short, we have a mess with gasoline, which may be worse than electricity. If there are shortages in winter and people cannot heat, the fate of Sánchez will be determined. That is why he does everything he can – in which he learned to react to light after months – to avoid it. And pray that no one else will come Philomena.

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