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SWAMPSCOTT – The Danvers man accused of walking into Governor Charlie Baker’s home last October tries to convince a judge that he never ordered him to wear a GPS surveillance bracelet after an advocacy group had his Had left bail.

Lane Forman, 59, who continues to live at the Tapley Manor senior housing complex on Holten Street, insists the GPS “is not good for me” as it could cause him to trip, fall and become paralyzed.

In addition, there is no record of Judge Cesar Archilla ordering the bracelet as a condition of his release, as 10 minutes of his bail hearing last October are missing from the official record of the trial. “You never ordered it,” he told the judge.

The condition is listed on the case sheet and on the probation sheet.

“Why am I hearing this?” Archilla, now the presiding judge in Haverhill District Court, said during the hearing he attended through Zoom.

Forman tried to explain. “The FBI and DEA needed me at Middleton Jail to take out some big drug dealers,” Forman said. He claimed he was also hired to help federal investigators crack down on a forger and a man who sells AK-47 rifles with grenade launchers by providing him with a cell containing the suspects while agents are passing through the heating channels listened.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” said Archilla.

Moments later, Archilla asked what happened to Forman’s court-appointed standby attorney Steve Reardon.

“I got rid of him,” Forman told the judge.

“I went to the FBI in Chelsea and met special agent Ben Wallace there. Then I sent everything to my friend Joe Biden in the White House,” Forman said. He told the judge that he received a call from the criminal investigation department last week.

Forman told the judge that “three doctors” warned him that the GPS was dangerous for him.

He went on to tell the judge that his friends from the Boston Celtics had arranged a meeting with their team doctor, who recommended specialists that he undergo neck surgery in either New York or Los Angeles. Forman said his first appointment will be in Connecticut next month.

After about 20 minutes, Archilla agreed to listen to a replay of the October hearing as soon as Forman received it from the clerk’s office. Archilla has scheduled a hearing for next Wednesday afternoon.

Forman is charged with a crime after allegedly going to Baker’s house on October 7th, apparently unnoticed by a State Police security detail, and leaving documents there.

Forman has claimed he was friends with the governor and tried to provide information about substandard care his mother received in a nursing home before she died.

He was held in Middleton Jail for several weeks until The Bail Fund, an advocacy group seeking the abolition of pre-trial detention, posted his $ 5,000 bail in November.

Forman had imposed several conditions, including that he stay away from the governor and at least, according to the file, wear the GPS armband.

The Danvers Housing Authority has initiated eviction proceedings against Forman, but the next hearing on this case will not take place until June.

Court reporter Julie Manganis can be reached at 978-338-2521, email [email protected], or on Twitter at @SNJulieManganis.


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