Mailbag: Switch from natural gas to electric | Letters

Fossil fuels must be a thing of the past. And the sooner the better. As an individual, what can you do about it? Quite a lot, really.

Institutions and industries are responsible for most of the fossil fuel consumption, so it does not depend on individual consumer decisions. However, use your voice and your voices to convince executives to accelerate the transition to renewable energy on an industrial scale. Let members of Congress know that we need a universal fee for fossil fuel production.

A carbon tax with a carbon dividend to households would create incentives for a quick transition to renewable energies without harming the economy or low-income consumers. Further information can be found in the Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

Another field of action is your direct energy consumption in the household. About 40% of energy consumption is used for transportation and heating, cooking, lighting and appliances – all of which you are in direct control. If you care about climate change, change the way your household uses energy. Minimize your heating bills with adequate insulation and efficient equipment. Household appliances and automobiles have a finite lifespan. When replacing gas, switch to electric.

Electricity currently comes mostly from fossil fuel sources, but our governor and lawmakers are actively pursuing the goal of 100% renewable electricity. There is no equivalent route to renewable natural gas.

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