In the UK, heat is recycled from transformers to heating homes

The National Grid and Electricity Supplier SEE, which manages the electricity phase, estimates the technology will reduce CO2 emissions by 40% compared to gas heating.

The project also allows for consideration A heater “owned” When the transformers are finally deliveredRenewable energy.

Currently, the heat given off by the transformers is released into the atmosphere.

The technology can be used on National Grid Transformers in the UK and Wales, and the recovered energy is routed into ESS phases that provide electricity. heater andHot water from Houses and Companies.

The project is currently running Test phase, Not in a transformer, but in a national phase test center.

“By nature, transformers are often found in places where people live, work, and use energy, which means they have the potential to be transformers. Incredible assets If we can do something smarter, said HSE manager Nathan Sanders.

To Alexander Januschkewitsch from the National Theater, This technology “Innovative” Be “It is important to achieve CO2 neutrality”, Promised across the UK by 2050.

The Guardian reminds me of thatOther efforts The North Line for heating residential buildings in the London metropolis of Islington recovers either the heat from the underground or the geothermal energy from the cellar in the old London mines. . “Let England heat the city of Durham.

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