I had to flee my house with 3 kids after boiler broke and ceiling collapsed almost crushing my baby in his cot

A mother and her three children had to flee their home after the kettle broke and the ceiling collapsed – they almost crushed a baby in its crib.

Laura Lock was rushing to pull the 10-month-old boy out of his crib when water spurted from the boiler.


Fast-thinking mom Laura Lock dragged her three children out of her home in Norwich – just before the blanket collapsed over her baby bedPhoto credit: Laura Lock
Firefighters later told Laura she did


Firefighters later told Laura she was “lucky” to grab the 10-month-oldPhoto credit: Laura Lock

Firefighters rushing to the house on Woodcock Road, Norwich later told her she was lucky enough to catch the kid when she did.

Laura has now turned on the heating contractor Gasway – and says she had a two-year “nightmare” about her heating and water.

“I can only describe it by saying it looked like a storm broke out in my house,” she told the Norwich Evening News.

“I’ve never seen so many sparks before. They came from the lights and the devices. “

She immediately left the house with her children – only so that the ceiling collapsed behind her.


“I tried to go back inside to rescue some of our belongings, but the fire department wouldn’t let me in because the ceiling came down,” she said.

“I stood helplessly outside and watched.”

Gasway visited the house on December 19 – and reported no problems. But on Boxing Day, the water tank burst, leaving the floors underwater and ruining carpets and electrical appliances.

“It was a nightmare,” said Laura.

“The fire department told me that I was lucky enough to get my baby out.

“The water came through so quickly.”


The Council Chairs provided emergency shelter for Laura and the baby while their two older children moved in with their father.

A Gasway spokesman said, “We are sorry to hear about the property water tank incident and we know this is a difficult time for the family.

“This is an unforeseen incident that was not reported to us.

“As soon as we receive instructions from Norwich City Council, we will start repairs to the hot water and heating systems.”

A city council spokesman said: “We have been in contact with Ms. Lock since we became aware of the problem.

“Every effort is made to ensure that she is kept informed of any important developments.

“Our contractor will evaluate the problem and report it to us as soon as possible.

“We will of course share this with Ms. Lock so that she is safely returned to her home as soon as possible while she remains in safe and secure temporary accommodation.”

The broken cauldron collapsed the ceiling - and forced the family into an emergency shelter


The broken cauldron collapsed the ceiling – and forced the family into an emergency shelterPhoto credit: Laura Lock

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