HRRMC Approves Revised Budget, Sets Boiler Pipe Repairs – by Daniel Smith

The Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center (HRRMC) board of directors on Tuesday approved a revision of its budget for 2021 of more than $ 98.7 million and slightly increased the mill levy on public funds required to balance the budget.

Lesley Fagerberg, vice president of Fiscal Services, said the 2020 rating for the Salida Hospital District appraisal certified by county assessors was $ 539,886,440 and is now $ 539,321,240, as reconfirmed and the Board approved a Millage Adjustment from 1.864 Mills to 1.870 Mills Tax for each dollar of total valuation to cover all district general fund expenses for the 2021 fiscal year. The previous millage rate was 1.784 mills.

Fund general spending has been revised from $ 1,006,398 to $ 1,008,546.

As announced last month, the 2021 budget will include some price increases as well as slightly higher taxes.

As AVV previously reported, the budget for 2021 reflects a six percent price increase for inpatient room fees, Fagerberg reported, with the exception of the family birth center and intensive care unit, which will not see any increases.

The additional service fees and planned increases include a 15 percent increase for the operating room and endoscopy. 10 percent more for the emergency room; six percent for imaging (excluding MRI / CT), infusion, patient care / implants, and cardiopulmonary; a four percent increase in MRI and CT; an increase of four percent for rehabilitation services and two percent for laboratory services.

In the previous budget presentation, Fagerberg said no price increases were planned for internal medicine, oncology, urology, psychiatry, neurology, gynecology, pain, ENT, allergy, cardiology and orthopedic clinics. The Salida, Buena Vista, Saguache, and Custer Counties Centers and Pharmacy Services will not reflect price increases.

In another campaign, the outgoing Vice President of Human Resources, Barb Lutz, reviewed the 2020 employee survey, which was conducted between October 12 and 26. The 25-question survey compared employee group engagement and satisfaction with other critical access options and national statistics.

Overall, the survey found that HRRMC was slightly 0.08 percent lower in employee retention than other critical access hospitals and was rated 4.04 on a five-point scale.

According to Lutz, a positive factor in employee satisfaction was the hospital’s longstanding efforts to recognize outstanding employee performance with quarterly awards. “The recognition of the employees is a long way,” commented Lutz.

Chief Executive Officer Debbie Farrell also outlined goals and improvements identified in CEO Bob Morasko’s recent job performance assessment and strategic goals.

Many of the proposals, she noted, were already priorities for Morasko, and included things like improving the availability of telemedicine, providing more non-medical support for patients struggling with bills and issues, including planning Testing; Management succession process; Security for the data-rich hospital IT systems; and extensive reviews of existing building facilities and potential maintenance issues.

“Some big things broke unexpectedly,” said Debbie Farrell. An unexpected repair will be corrected immediately by the board of directors and management. It was found that pipes collapsed under the boiler in the hospital.

Facility Manager David Colarelli reported a serious pipe situation. The boiler leaned to one side as the PVC pipes under the floor collapsed due to the blowdown of the boiler. It is considered a best practice to use cast iron pipes (not PVC) as the 180 degree water flows through the drains.

Colarelli reported that this is considered serious because without the steam boiler the hospital would not be able to sterilize or moisturize the operating rooms and the operation would have to be abandoned pending correction.

Olson Plumbing and Heating video checked the plumbing and the amount of soil washed away. You plan to cut through the 6-inch concrete floor and jackhammer pieces for removal, install new plumbing, divert the drain and install a new reinforced concrete floor, and determine if the floor should be jacked up to bring the boiler back down to a level bring.

The collapse of the pipes could mean that the boiler cannot be emptied, hence the high priority in solving the problem.

Preliminary cost estimates for the work have been set at approximately $ 35,700.

In another campaign, CEO Morasko reported that HRRMC and the Colorado Brain and Spine Institute have signed an agreement that a neurosurgeon will perform operations in the hospital and offer clinic services in the ambulance pavilion from January 22nd.

Morasko also reported that negotiations are continuing with Peak GI in Colorado Springs to recruit a gastroenterologist who practices outside of the HRRMC and lives in Chaffee County. He also reported that construction on the new Rocky Mountain Eye Center on the HRRMC campus has progressed well with a completion date expected in February 2021.

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