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Large corporations and government agencies continue to mislead the public by referring to the “production” of natural gas and oil rather than the more accurate and honest name of “extraction”. Natural gas and crude oil cannot be “extracted”, but can only be obtained from an ever decreasing supply that has arisen through natural geological influences. Oil companies are constantly drilling new wells to make more money by “producing” more oil. If they could actually “produce” oil, they would only need one well to produce as much as they need. Production from fractured wells can be very large for a while, but eventually production often drops dramatically and wells become stripper wells or are shut down as uneconomical. This happens to all wells in all oil and gas fields.

This means that in 50 years, or possibly even 20 years, natural gas for heating homes and businesses will be scarce or very expensive. How do you heat a house in winter? Since our energy comes from “green” sources, we may still have electricity, but have you ever seen a house that is heated by electricity? There was a time in the past when General Electric bragged about all-electric homes including electric heating, but it didn’t work because it was too expensive financially, and that’s how the research ended.

New Mexico is blessed with its two national science / energy laboratories in Los Alamos and Sandia, staffed with highly skilled and intelligent engineers and scientists. It is time to develop economical and efficient electrically powered heating systems for entire home and business systems before natural gas runs out or becomes too expensive for the average working family. This will work for new houses, but we need to ask them to also develop small, safe and efficient portable heaters that can be used in houses until old houses can be retrofitted if possible. You will also need heating wires that can be wrapped around water pipes to prevent them from freezing. If you go to a local supply store, you will soon find that up-to-date products are inefficient and can be dangerous if installed by an amateur.

The government doesn’t look far enough ahead, and many companies only look to the near future to make a constant profit in the present. After all, wealthy business leaders can afford to pay higher prices and they need to keep their shareholders – who are overwhelmingly wealthy people – happy. And like me, many of them are older and will likely be dead before things get really bad. So why worry?

But you 20, 30, and even 40 year olds should be better off thinking about your future. How do you heat your house when the natural gas runs out? Can you afford a new “electric” home or can you afford to retrofit your current home? You will need a place to live for the next 50 years, just like your children. Time to get in touch with representatives from your country and the federal government.

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