How to Recruit Gen Z to Your Propane Company

“What are you doing after high school?” I asked my 17 year old friend Thomas.

“Probably got a job as an electrical engineer,” he replied. “They make $ 25 an hour, I can start right out of school and learn from experienced people who have been doing it for a while. It will also be a good challenge. ”

“What?” I replied. “You’re not going to college? No gap year? Don’t spend $ 40,000 to $ 120,000 if you don’t know what to do with your life while your parents urge you to just “do something” to look good to everyone else while you start your life in debt and end up with a pretty useless degree that can get you an entry-level job that makes the equivalent of $ 10 to $ 12 an hour before you can land the perfect career position? ”I said to him, smiling appreciatively.

Thomas is not alone in his decisions; According to a recent study by TD, Ameritrade’s research division, every fifth Generation Z says they chose not to go to college. Let me repeat this statistic again: 20% of your potential workforce do not believe that a traditional college degree is required.

While I’m not an example of this exact scenario, I’ve taken an unconventional path myself. I enrolled in online college at age 14 and graduated at 18 without entering my college campus.

Now, as a 23 year old Gen Zer, I have good news for trading companies. You have a highly skilled workforce willing to work for you, but you need to make sure your company has what it takes to attract them.

And here’s the thing: most of the oil and gas, manufacturing and textile companies I know and whom I consult with regularly are unwilling to adjust to the native digital generation. This runs the risk of becoming irrelevant in the next 15 years. I am here to help! Let’s discuss three potential ways your company can attract Gen Zers to trading roles, as well as the things your company should consider if you want to attract younger generations to your business at all.

1. Meet candidates where they’re looking

It’s no secret that for many high school students, skilled professional training is an alternative to college, but you need to approach these students early and often if you have a chance to recruit them. As high school students, we come under pressure to go to college by ninth grade (or sometimes even earlier).

In order for Generation Z to be able to choose a qualified profession instead of attending a traditional course of study or running their own business (54% of Generation Z want to become entrepreneurs), you have to influence decision-making at an early age.

Here are some practical ways your management or recruiting team can get in touch with Gen Z early on:

  • Attend high school job fairs, career days, and similar events. This may surprise you, but 59% of Generation Zers say they are looking for a career at job fairs and in-person recruitment events, compared to just 11% of Millennials. This is a great opportunity to influence Generation Z in choosing their potential employer.
  • Use technology. Create a Discord channel and / or email list of high school students. Your team can chat live with a community of Gen Zers and share internship, job and learning opportunities. You can showcase events your company is hosting and invite the Gen Zers to learn. It is your job to show Generation Z how a career in your company strengthens their identity and success and shows what they will learn by working with a team of other qualified professionals.
  • Sponsor engagement programs with local schools where students can study and work with your company for one day a week during the semester. You can “test drive” your candidates and at the same time arouse their interest in working for you after they graduate. It’s a tremendous opportunity to develop a relationship with the students and generate word of mouth.

Speaking of referrals, let’s talk about how important they can be in Gen Z recruiting.

2. Focus on recommendations

Where is Gen Z looking for jobs? Social media right? Not correct. 62% asked friends and family, according to a recent report by talent acquisition and research firm Yello, which studies how Gen Z apply for jobs. Employers, I can’t stress the importance of focusing on a solid, incentiveized employee referral program that will bring a pipeline of candidates into your company.

The catch? Generation Z won’t recommend your company – even with incentives – if we don’t believe in the company’s work or the company’s culture. Incentives are just a way to encourage referrals that have likely already taken place if Gen Z are proud to work for your company.

Because of this, culture-based recruiting can be your greatest asset, but it also requires an intense focus on people in order to build a culture that Gen Z can get excited about. From a recruiting perspective, one way to generate interest and hype among students is to make sure the front of your career website is modern.

3. Modernize your career website

If you’re trying to get Gen Z to apply for your open positions, we need to be sure that we’re not the only employees our age in our company. A large majority of companies with trading positions neglect to mention Generation Zers on their career websites, even though we do search for company employment first.

If you not only show young faces, but also see other Gen Zers on your website, your applicant is subconsciously being informed that your company has enough flexibility and value orientation with other Gen Zers to give you a chance.

Test yourself. Go to the Careers or Jobs section of your website and ask yourself these questions:

  • Are there many people under the age of 25 represented in the photos?
  • Is diversity shown (and valued in the company)?
  • How often are “you” statements used instead of “we” statements? (The more “you”, the better.)
  • Are there short video snippets?
  • Are there any characteristics of your involvement in mission-oriented, social or non-profit work?

If you want to get Gen Z “in the door”, these are the first questions you should ask yourself. I’ve analyzed dozens of career websites with vacant skilled positions and the lack of content, diversity, and images of Gen Z faces is evident. You are ahead of the curve in just a few simple steps.

If you are trying to attract Generation Z to your company and then retain highly qualified talent, it is crucial to get in touch with us early on, to build a culture and a reputation that we are “proud to work for”, and help create clarity about growth. Of course, we barely scratched the surface of the tactic that can be used to get Gen Zers into your door.

As a trade-based employer, you have a unique opportunity to capture Generation Zers in a world where we quickly become disillusioned with college debt and stress and instead turn to alternatives such as a skilled career. In this native digital world, recruiting and retention methods are changing rapidly. Are you ready to keep up?

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