Households using heating oil are urged to get winter-ready

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WHEN THE TEMPERATURES DROP, the UK and Irish Fuel Distributors Association (UKIFDA) launched their Get Winter Ready 2021 campaign to encourage rural homeowners across Cornwall to prepare for the upcoming winter months.

UKIFDA’s Get Winter Ready campaign, launched jointly with the OFTEC trade association, began when temperatures began to drop after an unusually warm autumn.

“We started this year’s Get Winter Ready campaign in November to encourage all consumers in oil-heated houses to order their heating oil early and, if they haven’t already, to book a boiler service and a tank check before winter,” explains Ken Cronin , Chief Executive of UKIFDA.

“It makes a huge difference to people’s lives when they are prepared for winter and have enough fuel to heat their homes during the coldest months.”

As part of its annual campaign, UKIFDA encourages all rural households to buy their heating early, before bad weather arrives and when demand is low, and to hire an OFTEC-registered technician to both service their boiler and check the garden oil tank to make sure that possible problems can be identified and rectified at an early stage.

Adds Ken Cronin, “It is so important to be prepared for winter because when the temperature is low, the lack of fuel can affect your health and wellbeing. By preparing, individuals can minimize the effects of inclement weather and stay warm in their homes during the coldest months.

“Consumers can look to the future of home heating with optimism this winter as the trials of a renewable liquid fuel continue across the UK.

“We had early success with the trials and the results are extremely promising, which supports our belief that renewable liquid fuels such as hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) offer a straightforward, inexpensive and effective alternative to heating oil – reducing emissions by 88%. and only a few simple changes to the existing oil heating system are required, which cost around € 500.

“It is incredible that by next winter consumers could be able to use a renewable liquid fuel in their homes. This would allow them to continue with their same heating systems while achieving a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. “

Paul Rose, CEO of OFTEC, concluded: “In the meantime, it is important that we focus on this year’s winter – so we ask consumers to be prepared. It is a good idea to ensure boilers and tanks are serviced before the winter fuel is shipped to ensure that the system is fully functional. This will help save money on fuel bills and reduce the risk of storage problems that can lead to a leak and costly cleaning.

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