Homeless Man Accused Of Setting Fire To Dumpster, Propane Tanks

The Concord police and fire and rescue teams were dispatched to the Interstate 393 and Commercial Street area to report a fire in and around a dumpster.

Before arriving, the fire brigade informed the fire brigade that, according to scanner chatter, there were propane tanks in the dumpster. When firefighters arrived, they found the dumpster on the railroad tracks between Verizon and the Kimball Jenkins Estate on fire. According to Chief Sean Brown, grass and brushes were also burning near the dumpster.

NEWS 603 posted two videos of the fire on YouTube.com.

Firefighters put out the fire and police arrested 47-year-old Christopher Blodgett for arson, criminal threats and bail violations.

Blodgett was arrested earlier in the day for criminal threats, simple assault, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and violating bail, according to deputy chief John Thomas. He was then released on bail. Blodgett had previously been released on bail after being arrested on an arrest warrant.

Police and fire and rescue teams were then sent to Pleasant Street because of a motorcycle and car accident near North Fruit Street.

“One patient required a warning from the hospital trauma team of serious physical injury and was taken to Concord Hospital by a Concord Fire Department ambulance,” Brown said.

Thomas said the motorcyclist was still in critical condition at the hospital and the New Hampshire State Police were investigating the incident.

Another fire sent firefighters and police officers to the railroad tracks in The Friendly Kitchen area of ​​South Commercial Street later that evening.

Brown said a plastic shopping cart was set on fire.

Police arrested 40-year-old Concord’s Elizabeth Steadman for a criminal offense.

Brown couldn’t confirm whether there were propane tanks in the dumpster or whether one of them had exploded. Police at the scene said there were propane tanks in the dumpster and others said they heard small explosions. Brown said the unusual ring of fire around the dumpster was grass and brush that had been lit due to the heat of the fire in the dumpster.

Along with Tuesday’s indictments, Blodgett has active criminal charges in a higher court following an incident in Concord on Jan. 7. He will appear again in court on July 2 to appeal the case and convict a hearing.

Previous indictments and confessions of guilt before the Supreme Court include: an April 2017 allegation of theft from Gilford; deliberate concealment fees from Laconia in September 2017; Theft and controlled drug charges from Laconia in October 2018; a theft allegation from Concord in January 2019; Theft from Laconia in February 2019; a theft allegation from Laconia in May 2019; and to receive stolen property from Tilton in March 2019.

Blodgett has also been arrested repeatedly in Concord on theft, criminal calamity, criminal threat, resistance and other charges.

Steadman was previously arrested for indecent exposure and active warrants.

Editor’s note: This post was derived from information provided by the Concord Police Department and is not indicative of conviction. This link explains the process of requesting removal for New Hampshire Patch Police Reports.

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