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Bedsure offers a completely new way to relax and relieve muscle pain with the brand new electric heating pad. While heating pads have long been known to relax muscles and relieve physical discomfort, their design and construction do not always deliver the same reliability. The Bedsure heating pad is different. With multiple temperature settings, an auto shut-off feature, and a soft, double-sided surface for added convenience, this is a new type of heating pad that takes your comfort seriously.

Full body relaxation

Heating pads are an incredible tool for relieving back, neck, shoulder, leg, and even abdominal discomfort. Applying heat to an area increases blood flow to that area, which provides higher levels of oxygen and can help relieve tension in that part of your body. The Bedsure heating pad also promotes your body’s natural healing process by eliminating toxins that can cause pain and swelling from the heat given off by the blanket. The Bedsure heating pad is perfect for those moments when you experience slight pain when sleeping in the wrong position or after a strenuous exercise when the muscles feel tense. Even if you’re not feeling uncomfortable, heating pads can be useful for relaxing on the couch, relaxing before bed, and adding a little extra coziness to you every night.

Customizable temperature setting

Three adjustable heat settings on the Bedsure heating pad mean three different levels of comfort and relaxation. On days when back pain or other physical discomfort feels aggravated, increasing the heat to the highest level can release that extra tension and help loosen up tense muscles. However, if body aches feel mild or you are using the heating pad as a therapeutic aid, adjusting the pillow to a lower setting can provide the perfect amount of comfort and warmth to help you relax and alleviate.

Automatic shutdown

One of the most important highlights of the heating pad is its automatic switch-off function. While heating pads and blankets can be extremely useful for reducing pain, they can be harmful if there is no option for an automatic shutdown. The Bedsure heating pad will switch off automatically after 90 minutes of use if you do not switch it off beforehand. So you can be sure that the blanket will not overheat if you fall asleep while it is in use.

Plush, cozy material

If you have purchased a heating pad or electric blanket before in your life, you have probably noticed that the material most heating pads are made of is typically not designed for optimal comfort. The Bedsure Heated Pad, on the other hand, feels just as classy and cozy as a favorite blanket or throw. It has a double-sided design for 24/7 coziness; One side is made from incredibly soft 220g flannel while the other is made from 200g microfiber so you can feel comfortable and enjoy all of the other added benefits of a heating pad.

About Bedsure

Make yourself comfortable with cozy, warm household linen from Bedsure. From waking up to falling asleep, we want to make it comfortable for you and your family. That’s why we’ve always come up with new products to help you sleep well, wake up refreshed and provide extra comfort throughout the day. And because the cost shouldn’t be a burden, we offer everyday value for everything from household basics to a range of high-tech fabrics and sleep solutions. Our products fit every budget and are tailored to your lifestyle. All products are delivered straight to you with a smile.

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