Home owners urged to check safety of oil heating tanks

Homeowners are urged to check their heating oil tanks as prices are falling due to the coronavirus.

The Environment Agency encourages anyone who has a heating oil tank for the household to check that the tank is in good condition prior to the delivery of heating oil.

This is especially important as the tanks get fuller than usual during the summer months, increasing the risk of spills and leaks.

Helen Wakeham, deputy director of water quality for the Environment Agency, said: “As people store more oil than normal during the summer months, the risk of leaks increases and the threat they pose to the environment and wildlife cannot be underestimated become .

“The cost of cleaning a leaky tank can also cost tens of thousands of pounds, and soil contamination from a leak can seriously affect the value of your property.”

Oil is toxic to fish and other wildlife and can choke plants, with just two liters of oil being able to seriously pollute an Olympic size freshwater swimming pool.

She continued, “It is important that both the tank and pipes are checked regularly and that people never buy more oil than they can safely store.

“If someone finds a spill, please contact us immediately so we can reduce the impact on the environment.”

More information is available at oilcare.org.uk

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