Heat pump owners with solar panels get an extra bonus from Flanders

The Flemish Energy Minister Saturn Demir (N-VA) had already set a one-off compensation for solar panel owners, but the 31,000 heat pump owners were a bit hungry.

“Because many of the promises made in the past in this file were not kept, we did not make this mistake again,” says Demir. “Behind the scenes, all options were carefully examined and the current proposal was the result. It seems to be feasible and affordable. “

For owners of heat pumps with solar collectors that were put into operation before December 31, 2020, there is a surcharge on the contribution for solar collectors Fixed additional contribution of € 1.163. Around 530 CHP systems or small wind turbines are eligible for funding.


The Flemish government is providing 37.2 million euros for the compensation scheme.

It will take until autumn before a new rate can be applied for because, among other things, the State Council has to deliberate first. After that, owners who already have a digital meter have six months to apply for a premium. Owners who still owned the classic at the time must apply for their premium within six months of installing their digital counter.

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