Hawk Harrison, boy at forefront of cannabis oil fight, dies at 8 years old

Being alone in his presence meant feeling his radiant happiness and peace, said O’Neal.

“Not blasphemous at all, but I think he was the closest a person to Jesus can get,” she said. “He was just so pure. He embodied love. “

Hawk developed pancreatitis about a year ago, which resulted in several difficult hospitalizations.

“Since then we have found that it has not recovered to its previous location,” said O’Neal.

O’Neal said she felt the turning point was when Hawk broke his leg, which was “too much for his body”.

The family documented Hawk’s journey on Do It For Hawk social media, which saw more than 250,000 people follow the page on Facebook.

On the page, the family announced his death with the words:

“He is free. No more suffering. No more seizures. It was time.”

After the initial shock came the celebration of Hawk’s life and the community support that has grown around Hawk’s family.

“It was just the greatest blessing, really,” said O’Neal. “I can’t imagine his story without all of these people.”

In her continued advocacy for families who wish to consume cannabis oil, O’Neal said she wanted easier access and more information available. She said families often come to her, “are embarrassed to ask, don’t know who to turn to (and are ashamed of)” and ask if it would help their loved one.

O’Neal said the family plans to donate Hawk’s therapy equipment to Tender Ones Therapy Services, where Hawk lived his entire life.

Instead of flowers, O’Neal asked people to donate to a former donation account that they used to set up a college fund for Hawk’s younger brothers, three-year-old Lake and six-month-old Ari.

“So that he can look after her like a big brother.”

Donations can be made to PO Box 907773, Gainesville, Ga., 30501.

“He couldn’t do it like a big brother takes care of the little ones, but he can and they remember him and have something that he could pass on to them,” she said.

The funeral is scheduled for Friday, August 20, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. at the Memorial Park Funeral Home Riverside Chapel.

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