Growing number of Kentucky businesses and residents supporting solar energy

Two new areas of the Solar Share system from LG&E and KU are in operation

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Construction is complete and two new sections of LG & E and KU’s Solar Share facility in Simpsonville, Kentucky are now fully operational, producing power for customers participating in the utility program.

There are more than 1,300 LG&E and KU retail customers and multiple corporate customers – including the Louisville Women’s and Family charitable center, Louisville-based printing and fulfillment services company VG Reed & Sons, and the Campbellsville division of global industrial services company Ingersoll Rand Subscribers in sections three and four, making the Solar Share site 50% complete.

“Watching the website develop and knowing that it is a direct result of the interest and participation of our customers has been both exciting and rewarding,” said Eileen Saunders, vice president-customer services, LG&E and KU. “We developed this program in response to their desire to support local solar generation and we look forward to continuing to support all of our customer categories in achieving their personal and professional sustainability goals.”

The subscription-based Solar Share program is available to private, business and industrial customers of energy providers who want to support solar energy from as little as 20 cents per day.

When energy is produced by the facility, customers will receive credits on their monthly bill based on their subscription level. By participating in the program, customers benefit from the advantages of solar energy without the additional costs associated with installing and maintaining a private solar system. Since July 2019, the plant has been producing more than 2 million kilowatt hours of renewable energy for the participating customers.

LG&E and KU’s primary contractor for Sections three and four, Solar Alliance Inc., completed construction of the Sections in June. Both consist of 1,150 solar panels.

A total of eight 500-kilowatt solar share sections with a total of 4 megawatts are planned for the Simpsonville facility. The construction of each section is complete when each is fully subscribed to. The fifth section is 80% subscribed and utilities are currently accepting registrations.

Improvements to the solar location

The LG&E and KU Solar Share property is one of several corporate properties where pollinator habitats are in full bloom, rich in more than 60 native plants, creating an environment that attracts and supports pollinators such as native bees, honey bees, and monarch butterflies. Other habitat benefits for pollinators include beautifying the landscape, helping grassland birds, reducing water runoff and soil erosion, reducing maintenance costs and educational opportunities.

Additional pollinator habitats will be established on the company’s Cane Run and former Tyrone station properties, and more than 100 acres of pollinator habitat and native grasslands will be created at EW Brown Generating Station in Mercer County. In addition, a herd of 35 Shetland and Katahdin sheep were added to Brown’s 10-megawatt universal solar site last spring, in partnership with Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. The herd, which has already reproduced, is expected to triple and eventually help manage the vegetation on the entire solar property at Brown, reducing maintenance costs.

visit to learn more about the LG&E and KU Solar Share program and other renewable energy programs and initiatives.

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