Get Your Mid-Summer Propane Exchange With Cynch!

Can you believe that we are about to enter the third month of summer? The baseball season is chugging with only a third of the schedule. It’s the optimal time to go on vacation or to take some much-needed time at home to stay with those who matter most to you. But this summer brings a lot of activities with it, from vacation planning to family celebrations to numerous games in the summer heat. With all of these activities comes the reality that checking your propane level has likely fallen by the wayside. Don’t let an empty propane tank ruin your next summer get-together.

Our friends from Cynch, Propane Home Delivery, come to your home, pick up your used tank and leave a fresh tank at the location of your choice – whether in front of your front door, your driveway or your porch. No need. No trouble. Just a fresh propane tank to fill your BBQ and entertainment needs for the rest of the summer. New Cynch customers can now have their First tank swap for just $ 10 with coupon code BN10 at checkout. The best thing about this offer is that your first Cynch tank change will cost less than half what you would pay for a similar change at your local grocery store without having to lug your empty tank into your car. Even better, it only takes 5 easy steps to have your propane tanks right at your door. What more could you ask for?

1. Go to
Enter your zip code.
3. Order your tanks.
4. Select a delivery date.
5. Prepare your used tanks for replacement.

It is really that easy.

The cooler midsummer nights on the horizon offer many opportunities for family and friends to spend an evening at the fire table. Don’t let an empty propane tank spoil your night under the stars. From amateur astronomers wanting to keep warm on the patio to grill masters grilling a few links before the nightly game, there’s nothing like having a propane tank for your needs. The supply of Cynch Propane takes the most of the stress of propane swaps out of your life. Convenient and reliable, Cynch delivers propane tanks on your time and schedule. Sit back, relax, and know you made the right choice as Cynch brings you a fresh propane tank while you stay cool with the air conditioning turned up as high as you want.

If you don’t have a propane tank or just want to add an addition to your rotation, we have great news! Cynch delivers a fresh, no-exchange tank for just $ 59.99.

If grilling doesn’t sound like a great time on the hottest summer days, that’s fine too. There are so many ways that propane can be used for your gardening entertainment. We all know that grilled dishes taste just as good even after the summer festivals. Cooler evening weather offers more opportunities to spend time with the family on the patio by the fire table. Plus, the clean propane fire table means you don’t have to spend time chopping wood and removing ashes long after your guests have left. Cynch can supply propane to fuel your clean fire pit, patio heater, and more!

Our friends at Cynch are masters at using propane in a variety of ways. What sets them apart from the competition in the industry is their incredibly convenient and affordable propane delivery service.

Cynch wants to make your propane delivery hassle-free. Enjoy the convenience of having your tank delivered and letting someone else do the heavy lifting for you. Head over to to get started so you can focus on the really important question: what are we grilling? Try them out today with our promo code BN10. *

*possibly. plus sales tax. Valid until 09/30/21. Offer is only valid in Cynch service areas. Certain restrictions apply. Click here for details.

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