Fuel Your Football Cookout with Propane Delivery by Cynch!

The temperatures are starting to cool down and the leaf change cannot be long in coming. Pools are emptied, while slip-n-slides are disposed of in a trash can in the shed. Flannels are cracking as many people begin to greet the pumpkin seasoning season. With the addition of the fact that college and professional football seasons are just a few weeks off, it is clearly time to rattle your propane tanks before you go out in the garden during your next barbecue night. With so much to do, Cynch is here to do some of the heavy lifting.

Our friends at Cynch are the industry leaders in propane home delivery. Cynch comes to your home on your schedule, picks up your used tank, and drops a new tank in your chosen location, including your driveway, porch, or entry step. No physical labor required on your part. Cynch brings you a fresh propane tank to meet your BBQ, entertainment and gardening needs. In cooler temperatures there is the possibility to chat at the fire table or to heat your terrace with a few heat lamps. New Cynch customers can now have their First tank swap for just $ 10 when using our promo code BN10 at checkout *. In just 5 easy steps, your propane tanks will be delivered straight to your door.

  • Visit www.cynch.com.
  • Enter your zip code.
  • Order your tanks (use promo code BN10 at checkout). *
  • Select your delivery date and drop-off location.
  • Leave your used tanks out for replacement.

It’s that easy.

When you think of the football season, you usually think of barbecues. Whether on a tailgate in the parking lot of your favorite college or professional football team, there’s no better feeling than flipping a few burgers between rounds of Cornhole conquest. However, some people prefer to have the same experience in their yard while enjoying the game from the comfort of the couch. In any case, barbecues need propane. The start of autumn is usually a time when barbecues forget to check their propane levels, which can ruin game day barbecues. At the same time, the cooler temperatures during autumn football invite non-grilling family members to enjoy nature at the fire table or to warm up on a couple of patio heaters.

What if you need to add an extra propane tank for a fire table or heat lamp to your rotation? Maybe you don’t have one yet? Great news! Cynch delivers a fresh, no-exchange tank for just $ 59.99.

Whether you’re a grill or an outdoor chiller, there is something for everyone outdoors with propane. A big advantage of sitting around a clean, propane-fueled fire table or heater is the spontaneity. No need to chop wood, make an old-school campfire, worry about it all the time, and then clean up the ashes long after your guests have left. Cynch can supply propane to fire your fire pit, patio lights, and more!

Our friends at Cynch are masters at using propane in a variety of ways. Their amazingly affordable propane delivery service is affordable and convenient, which sets them apart from the competition in the industry.

Cynch wants to make your propane delivery as easy as possible. Use the time to yourself while someone else does the heavy lifting for you. Go to Cynch.com to get started. Try them out today with our promo code BN10. *

*possibly. plus sales tax. Valid until December 31, 21. Offer is only valid in Cynch service areas. Certain restrictions apply. Click here for details.

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