Expeller Pressed Rice Bran Oil Debut From TSUNO Group! Without Solvent, Only 10% Can Be Obtained

WAKAYAMA, Japan- (BUSINESS WIRE) – TSUNO (Headquarters: Katsuragi cho Ito-gun Wakayama Prefecture, Japan, President, Fumi Tsuno https://www.tsuno.co.jp/) will launch premium rice bran oil called Expeller Pressed Rice Bran Oil . which will be produced naturally from September 1st, 2021.

Rice bran contains only 20% oil, and only half of that can be obtained by compression without solvents. Since the oil content is originally low, the manufacturing process with organic solvents, which are recognized as food additives, is common for mass-produced goods on the market. TSUNO, a manufacturer specializing in rice bran oil, has been researching for many years to achieve an expeller pressing process for mass production due to the growing need for natural pressed rice bran oil, and it is finally successful. In the refining process, TSUNO has also used the steam refining process, which has been established and partially implemented for over 30 years, in order to achieve completely solvent-free refining. Expeller pressed rice bran oil is an edible oil that contains all of the valuable nutrients from rice bran and rice germ and that is completely solvent-free throughout the entire process. “Cosmetic Organic Standards” are also purchased for cosmetic applications.


Debut: September 1, 2021

Name: Expeller Pressed Rice Bran Oil

Price: to consult

Ingredient: rice bran

* We offer 18kg cans and 180kg drum cans other than household size bottles.

What’s good about Expeller rice bran oil

1. Expeller pressed

Research and development from TSUNO, an expert in the rice bran oil business.

Only 10% of the rice bran oil can be obtained from the expeller pressing process. It’s so natural and precious.

2. Rich in nutrients!

Rich in unsaponified products (nutrients found in rice bran) as no organic solvents are used in its manufacture

3. Cosmetic Organic Standard is acquired

Expeller press oil is not only used as a vegetable edible oil, but also as a cosmetic ingredient.

It is very good for your skin with functional effects.

Our expeller press oil is certified according to the Cosmetic Organic Standard.

About rice bran oil

Rice bran oil is a vegetable oil made from rice bran.

It brings out the natural taste of the ingredients.

It is good for stir-fry, deep-frying, dressing, or any kind of dish.

About TSUNO Group Co., Ltd.

The aim of the TSUNO Group is to contribute to health, beauty and environmental protection by researching rice bran.

We run three companies, all of which use rice bran, which is made from rice, one of the three most important grains in the world.

Our products are used by a wide variety of customers, from the general household, the food industry, the medical industry to the cosmetics industry.

We have companies in about 40 countries around the world.

Since its inception, TSUNO Group has prioritized quality control, environment and safety as the basis of all company activities, including research and development, production, distribution and sales.

Convinced that “environmentally friendly products bring people’s beauty and health”, we proactively continue our sustainable corporate activities and continuously improve them.

URL: https://www.tsuno.co.jp/en/

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