Euro launch for R32 and R290 heat pumps

CHINA: The Chinese heat pump manufacturer PHNIX has announced the European market launch of new heat pumps with the refrigerants R32 and R290.

The HeroPremium, which is equipped with a matt black ABS plastic housing, uses R32 refrigerant and improved inverter technology with vapor injection.

There are two models available with heating outputs from 4.5 kW to 23 kW and cooling outputs from 3.1 kW to 17 kW.

With Panasonic compressors and Grundfos circulation pumps, the device should run efficiently down to -25. The noise level is only 39 dB (A).

The air-water inverter of the GreenTherm series for R290 offers the same corrosion-resistant, matt black plastic housing that also works down to -25 ° C.

PHNIX was founded in 2002 and exports over 50% of its products to Europe, North America and other overseas markets.


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