Contact propane suppliers now to lock in best savings

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) encourages manufacturers to take action now to get the best savings on their propane needs.

Although this year’s grain crop has just been planted, according to PERC, now is the time to speak to marketers and fill tanks in preparation for propane needs ahead of the harvest season.

To simplify the planning process, PERC has developed a tool that manufacturers can use to estimate the number of propane gallons needed before each season. With just three simple data points, this grain drying calculator allows users to estimate the amount of propane required for an operation, making it easy to prepare for propane needs.

To use the calculator, simply enter the average expected yield to determine the number of propane gallons needed to dry the plants by a certain percentage of moisture. From there, the PERC tool will roughly calculate how many gallons of propane will be needed.

“Now is a good time for producers who have not yet filled their tanks to take these precautions and prepare for not only grain drying needs but winter heating needs,” said Mike Newland, director for the Development of agriculture business at PERC. “Since propane does not degrade over time, we also recommend considering additional on-site storage facilities for continuous access to the energy needed to keep it running smoothly during the harvest and winter seasons and beyond . “

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