CO2 Emissions: People Are Ready to Give up Oil and Gas – Energy Trends Survey by Stiebel Eltron

HOLZMINDEN, Germany – (BUSINESS WIRE) – For 80 percent of the population in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, it is important to reduce CO2 emissions in order to protect the climate. A clear majority of a good 60 percent is in favor of doing without classic oil heating in the future. These are the results of the Energy Trend Monitor 2021, for which 3,000 consumers in the DA-CH region were surveyed by a market research institute on behalf of Stiebel Eltron.

In order to protect the climate, the people in Austria and Switzerland are prepared to completely forego oil and gas heating even in old buildings (Austria: 68 percent, Switzerland: 59 percent approval). In Germany, 63 percent are in favor of the next federal government banning new oil heating as a matter of principle – 53 percent of those surveyed are against gas heating.

The energy transition will succeed with heat pump technology

“The willingness of private households to switch to clean energy is an important success factor for climate protection – because the energy transition will only work if the people in the boiler room use green technology,” says Dr. Nicholas Matten, Managing Director of Stiebel Eltron, a provider of technology products for building technology and green tech. “Current studies show that the German climate goals, for example in the building sector, can hardly be achieved without a massive expansion of heat pump technology to replace fossil heating burners.”

Use of environmental energy for heating

The heat pump works like an “inverted refrigerator”: environmental energy from the ground, groundwater or the ambient air is used to heat the living space. Electricity is required to drive the heat pump.

But especially in Germany, the price of electricity is very high – half of the price consists of taxes, levies and surcharges. As a result, consumers pay the highest electricity prices in Europe. “That is not compatible with the climate protection goals,” says Dr. Mats. Almost all experts agree that the heat pump is the environmentally friendly heating system that will prevail over the long term in both new and existing buildings.

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