Cannabis Consumer Brand, Floresense, Launches Cannabis Oil Products in Ontario, Saskatchewan & Manitoba

LONDON, Ontario – (BUSINESS WIRE) – The cannabis consumer brand Floresense today announced the launch of its ‘Clear’ line of products in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Manitoba with two new cannabis oil products, Clear CBD 100 and Clear Balance. Floresense’s Clear CBD 100 is a high-dose CBD oil with a dose of 100 mg / g – almost double the industry standard – while Clear Balance expertly mixes a 2: 1 ratio of CBD to THC. The Floresense Clear line is both odorless and tasteless.

Today’s launch of Floresense drives deliberate product diversity and innovation in the legal Canadian cannabis market. The Floresense Clear line uses high quality feedstock including premium, MCT carrier oil and distillate instead of crude oil. It is based on artful extraction and offers unmatched purity, dosage and appreciation for the natural properties of the cannabis plant at an affordable cost point.

More oil products from Floresense’s ‘Clear’ line and two other product lines will follow shortly. the ‘Artist Series’ and ‘Herbal Series’. This will expand Floresense’s range of products into the top performing vape strain category and highlight the caliber of unique, innovative and locally grown cannabis strains in Canada.

The Floresense Clear line of products is manufactured by Motif Labs, a licensed manufacturer (LP) of cannabis products in Canada and a leader in the extraction, purification and formulation of cannabinoids. It is now available in Ontario through the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) and in select stores in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, with availability in British Columbia, Alberta and New Brunswick in the coming weeks.

About Floresense

Floresense is a Canadian cannabis consumer brand based on artful extraction, known for its unmatched purity and high dosage, as well as its appreciation for the natural properties of the cannabis plant. Based in London, Ontario, Floresense products are carefully crafted to enhance the modern human experience and to provide a comfortable customer experience and feel with every use.

Floresense offers a range of high quality, natural cannabis oil products made from cannabis that are currently available in Ontario through the Ontario Cannabis Store. More information can be found at

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