Britons face £15,000 bill for heat pump upgrade – report exposes ‘significant’ hidden cost | Science | News

The cost of installing hydrogen-ready boilers, on the other hand, would likely cost up to £ 3,000 per household.

According to Mike Foster, Chief Executive Officer, the choice between the two options is obvious: Hydrogen-powered boilers are the way to go.

He told “The problem the vast majority of households face is that if we go down the route of installing heat pumps, most homes will have to incur significant up-front costs to get them Effectiveness of heat pumps to achieve energy efficiency requirements and to meet new heat distribution systems.

“So new radiators, possibly new pipes, and almost certainly a hot water tank, which houses don’t currently have.

“And those are substantial one-off costs that add up to a sum that most households can honestly only dream of.”

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