Boiler manufacturers to be pushed to start mainstream production of heat pumps

Last week, Mr Kwarteng insisted that ministers would not try to achieve the net zero target by “writing checks” on their own. He also admitted that he still had a gas boiler, but said he was preparing to switch to a heat pump because: “I am able to afford this transition because I make a certain amount of money.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has admitted that heat pumps are currently unaffordable for many people at “about ten grand a pop”.

A spokesman for the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said: “The launch of a heat pump manufacturing base in the UK will reduce the cost of each unit, create jobs and create new export opportunities for UK companies.

“As technology improves and costs decrease over the next 15 years, we expect heat pumps to become an affordable choice for consumers as people replace their fossil fuel boilers.

“Further details will be determined this year in the heating and building strategy.”

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