Arkansas School District to Save Over Six Million Dollars with Solar and Energy Efficiency Upgrades

FARMINGTON, Ark., May 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – As one of the fastest growing school districts in Arkansas, Farmington Public schools oversee nearly 2,600 students and manage 600,000 square feet of facilities. The Farmington School Board approved one Monday night $ 3,881,804 Energy saving contract with Entegrity, an energy services company headquartered in Arkansas. Upon completion of the project, the school’s annual energy and maintenance costs will be reduced by almost two percent $ 300,000. The school district plans to use the annual savings for teacher increases and retention. This would be the school’s first increase in five years.

When Jon Laffoon was appointed superintendent May 2020His first priority was to resolve the district’s facility issues and teacher retention issues without the need for additional government funding or a community tax hike. Superintendent Laffoon said, “Many of the district’s elementary school facilities are older. These locations required updates to HVAC and lighting systems. It is exciting that my first year as superintendent of the district the board of directors focused on raising funds and improving infrastructure of our older facilities. We found a way to pay for major upgrades, make financial savings, and make our district safer and more energy responsible. “

The district chose to rely on the Arkansas Energy Office-monitored performance contract program, which allows the school to pay for facility improvements with the annual savings made by the upgrades themselves. The savings are guaranteed, and if they are not achieved, the provider will write a check for the difference.

The entire scope of work includes LED lighting throughout the district, replacement and optimization of HVAC systems, measures to save water in school facilities, an emergency power generator, new stadium lighting and much more. Entegrity will also implement multiple on-site solar systems and manage the sites using regenerative farming methods that use a combination of wildflowers and prairie grasses. The project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an amount equivalent to burning 3,258,507 pounds of coal.

Chris Ladner, Founder and CEO of Entegrity, said: “Farmington Public Schools is a leader in demonstrating how comprehensive austerity, multiple funding strategies, and close team coordination can come together to solve a range of problems with a single solution. “

SOURCE Entegrity

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