Air source heat pump kickstarts eco-friendly journey for Essex couple

A couple have commended Essex County Council for fully funding the first step in their journey to an energy efficient home.

Terry and Gillian Wilkins recently had an air source heat pump installed on their property in Wethersfield, Braintree, as part of the council-run Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery program.

The program, which gives eligible homeowners up to £ 10,000 to upgrade heating systems and install insulation, will close later this month. Green home improvement projects will continue to be funded through similar Essex County Council programs for Essex residents for the coming months.

Heat pumps like Terry and Gill’s are an incredibly efficient and environmentally friendly heating option and can also significantly reduce a household’s heating bills, especially for off-grid properties or areas with no access to grid gas.

Terry stated, “We took a quick look at oil, but there is uncertainty that it will leak. In addition, we didn’t want to take the fossil fuel route, but rather make our contribution to environmental friendliness. “

He added, “We used to only rely on a wood stove and old storage stoves, which wasn’t very efficient. Originally we wanted to replace them with newer, more economical storage heaters, but air heat pumps were suggested to us. We were surprised to learn that the heat pump could be fully funded by the community’s program! “

With funds available and other information from Aran Insulation and the contractors from Warmer Homes UK who installed the pump, it was clear to Mr and Mrs Wilkins that once the heat pump was installed, their home would be much more sustainable.

Mr. Wilkins said, “You have worked very hard. You wouldn’t know the contractors were there. They had to lift carpets and move furniture to do the installation, but they put everything on hold, vacuumed and they were excellent, we couldn’t fault them at all. “

Terry and Gill are looking forward not only to lower fuel bills each month, but also to a significant reduction in their carbon footprint. Ms. Wilkins added, “We’re even looking for solar panels for our home now. This is the next step that we are investigating in terms of future cost savings and reducing our carbon footprint. “

Alderman Peter Schwier, Essex County Council’s Climate Specialist, said: “It is fantastic to see Essex people taking steps to combat climate change. We know it can be more difficult to make major changes such as It is very promising that so many homeowners benefit from our free offers for energy-efficient modernization of their homes. “

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