Abbott Furnace Company receives order for steam treat furnace

19th May 2020

Abbott Furnace Company to Supply New Steam Treatment Furnace to Leading Metal Powder Company (Courtesy of Abbott Furnace Company)

Abbott Furnace Company, an industrial furnace manufacturer based in St. Mary’s, Pennsylvania, USA, has received an order from a leading metal powder company for a steam treatment furnace for installation in Mexico.

Abbott Furnace says this order is the latest in a long line of orders from the metal powder company, which has received more than 100 furnaces with a variety of heat treatment solutions. This latest steamer oven was selected for its process flexibility, ease of installation, and local regional support from Abbott Mexico’s sales and service team.

The steam treatment oven includes the following features:

  • Hump ​​design
    Steam treatment devices isolate the steam chamber, allowing for higher throughput and improved efficiency.
  • Electric or gas boiler
    Depending on customer requirements, the company offers both types of boiler heating.
  • Continuous steam treatment
    Allows sealing of the porosity, corrosion resistance and improved overall appearance of the parts
  • Monitoring & control
    The company provides computerized monitoring and control systems that can monitor various functions including: furnace temperature, atmospheric flow, dew point, oxygen level, carbon control, line speed, etc.

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