80MW Serbian solar clears first hurdles – reNews

WV International Emergy has completed the first development phase of an 80 MW solar park in Serbia.

The company announced that the Zabalj municipal assembly and the public electricity network operator Elektromreza Srbije have adopted documents necessary to move the € 55 million project forward.

After receiving all the necessary permits and drawing up technical documents, WV International Emergy is to start generating electricity and feeding it into the grid in 2025-2026.

The municipal assembly of Zabalj has decided to draw up detailed development plans for the construction of the photovoltaic system and to develop a detailed development plan for a 110 kV overhead line that will feed electricity into the grid.

Elektromreza Srbije has passed a study on the grid connection of the plant and thus created the prerequisites for the further implementation of the project.

WV International Emergy Country Manager for Serbia Neda Lazendic said: “We are very pleased to have taken the first successful step in the development of our first photovoltaic power plant in Serbia.

“After having mainly dealt with wind power plants in recent years, entering the solar energy segment was a challenge.

“However, as the Republic of Serbia offers a stable framework for investments in green energy and the passage of a number of energy laws has confirmed its commitment to achieving the goals of the energy transition and the green agenda, our group has decided to continue investing in Serbia and its portfolio diversify. “

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