76ers Playoff Watch: Milwaukee Bucks Destroy Miami Heat in Game 2

After an eventful weekend of series openings, the Philadelphia 76ers ended their weekend beating the Washington Wizards. On Monday the Sixers and the Wizards had the day off.

So all eyes were on another Eastern Conference matchup between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Miami Heat. These two teams opened their series on Saturday afternoon.

The first game between the dollars and the heat kicked off the postseason with a bang as four quarters just weren’t enough to hit the bill. After the standout Jimmy Butler hit a clutch bucket to force overtime, it took the Bucks and the Heat a fifth quarter to find a winner.

Despite being almost upset in the first game, Milwaukee squealed victory over the heat and took a 1-0 lead in the series. On Monday evening the two teams met in the Fiserv Forum for Game 2. The first game may have spoiled the basketball fans too much, as the results of Game 2 were not nearly the same.

Right in front of the gate, the bucks played on a completely different level than the heat. In the first quarter alone, the Bucks beat Miami at 46:20. While games are never decided in the first 12 minutes of action, making a 26 point comeback early is extremely difficult.

The Heat played a lot better offensively in the second quarter, but they were still 27 points off half. At that point it was clear that the heat needed a miracle to reduce that deficit in the second half.

Miami just didn’t have the tools to get it done. After scoring a goal in the third quarter, Milwaukee had a comfortable 107-78 lead in the final quarter. The Bucks won by such a large margin that their key players managed to rest late in the game and let the reserves take over.

In the end, the heat couldn’t delay the inevitable any longer as they suffered a 132-98 defeat in Game 2. With that defeat, the bucks move to 2-0 over the sixth seeded heat in the first round. While the heat for Thursday’s game will get a boost as the series moves to South Beach, it will take a lot longer than that to have the crowd on their side so as not to fall into a 3-0 slump in the first round.

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