5 ways to heat the house without gas or electricity

Can you heat a house without gas or electricity? There are alternatives, even if they are not that comfortable.

Given the skyrocketing electricity prices and gas supply problems, it will be a tough winter on the monetary side.

According to Idealista in information we receive through Business Insider in Spain Heating accounts for 43% of energy consumption in households. To a large extent operated with gas or electricity.

Can you heat the house without gas or electricity? There are also efficient alternatives that are cheaper and more ecological.

Heated unisex jacket that offers three heat levels: 25, 35 or 45 ° C. It works by connecting a power bank via USB. It is available in a variety of sizes and in two colors (black and red).

The key is inside the fuel they consume. For the most part, it’s not easy to come by, either it has to be replaced manually.

It doesn’t come automatically through a pipe or cable like gas and electricity. If you accept this, the alternatives are perfectly viable and will save you a lot of money.

Bioethanol fireplaces and stoves

It’s the most popular option.

you find Bioethanol fireplaces and stoves from 60 euros. They don’t require special installation and the fuel is easy to find on Amazon.

These ovens does not drive out waste, so be respectful of the environment.

Poly fuel stoves

Is about Ovens that use natural waste established industries in Spain, such as Almond shells or olive pits.

Since the waste is very abundant, it is a cheap material.

Mini ceramic heater that can heat up in just 3 seconds. It is portable and has a good design that allows you to carry it anywhere. It has a programming button for automatic switch-off.

According to the Business Insider account, of course the ovens themselves are expensive, around 1,000 euros (Gas boilers are even more expensive).

But you’re paying quick because you’re not spending on gas or electricity.

Infrared heating

Although they require electricity, these stoves work differently. They emit infrared rays like sunlightthat create well-being and warm objects and people, not just the air.

95% of the energy used is converted into thermal radiation, therefore consume much less than a conventional stove.

At Amazon there are infrared heaters for as little as 100 euros.

Geothermal heat pump

They work with probes installed in the field that collect the heat and feed it to the heat pump’s evaporator. It is then compressed, reaches the desired temperature and is distributed over the selected radiation system.

Requires electricity, but the savings compared to gas heating or an electric stove are approx. 75%.

Thermal curtains and other fabrics

One final solution is to use Home textiles for keeping warm.

exist Thermal curtains, insulating carpets and furniture made of fabrics They have the ability to isolate the cold or to store heat.

They are not enough on their own to keep the house warm, but they do reduce your heating bills.

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